Edward Randell Quartet: Videos from our very first gig, at London’s Map Café in May 2011. Featuring Chris Eldred on piano, Darren McCarthy on bass and Daniel Paton on drums.

Zig Zag Birds: David Rael and I wrote a song called Brighter Shade Of Blue and recorded/filmed it for a YouTube VideoSong – under the auspices of a new band called Zig Zag Birds. We like sunny pop of the 60s and 70s, and macaroni cheese.

Gilding the Lily: For no particular reason, my supertalented friend David Rael challenged me to record a Lily Allen cover.  He did an ace version of The Littlest Things and I responded with this.

Click are a 6-person a cappella group made up of London-based alumni of The Oxford Gargoyles.  Here’s a little showcase of what we do.

Last Minute: In 2008, I appeared on the BBC One show ‘Last Choir Standing’, with a bespoke (read: cynical and limelight-hungry) group of Oxford a cappella singers called Last Minute.  In one of the TV rounds we performed an arrangement of the theme from Spiderman, and I sang the solo with a pained expression on my face.

The YouTube video has chalked up 16,000 views, and the most liked comment is “they were amazing. but im really distracted by his chin. im not gonna lie.”  Of course, this was a deliberate diversionary tactic – but it didn’t fool the judges, and we crashed out of the competition shortly afterwards.