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Musicians and dog whistles

When Dirty Loops put out their Adele cover this week, my Facebook feed was full of it. Actually, my Facebook feed is like a Dirty Loops fan convention. Fair enough, they’re pretty amazing: But it’s not hard to spot which … Continue reading

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Christopher Hitchens never used a short word when a long one would do.

The death of Christopher Hitchens is sad. It’s hard not to admire the brain, talent and sheer balls of the man – though too many media tributes have overlooked the ugly side of his bullish, contrarian views. Still, there have … Continue reading

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Has showbiz ever been fair?

The old joke about questions in headlines is that the answer is almost always “no”. The BBC News website is a wonderful thing, but it does have a knack for churning out aimless and inconclusive feature pieces like this one … Continue reading

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