A new musical crush, and a new Swingles video.

 Send help. Nothing on my to-do list is getting done. I’m much too mesmerised by this cover of All About That Bass:


It’s a likeable song in the first place – a big-is-bootiful manifesto with a doo-wop flavour that winks at OneRepublic and Justin Timberlake along the way. And, of course, it’s a total shoo-in for WOOFER’s set at LACF 2015 (the obscenely good line-up of which is now public, by the way).

But maaaaan, Kate Davis. Kate. Davis. There’s nothing I don’t love about the effortless old-school class of her version. And then I follow the link to her own channel, and find out that she can also write songs like this. And it’s not fair.


On the subject of videos: we just put one out for Piper, the debut single from the forthcoming Swingles album, Deep End. We shot it in an abandoned Edwardian swimming baths in Birmingham, and it’s a taste of the album’s moody direction. Dive in.

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