Swingles and, er, other thingles.


I yelled it from every rooftop and social network but somehow, almost two months after the fact, I haven’t got around to posting about the fact that big things are a-poppin’ in my life, to the tune of a new job and newish life-direction. I’m singing with the Swingle Singers as their new low bass – a dream of mine ever since I got involved with a cappella music at university. So far it’s been hugely musically fulfilling and has brought me into contact with places and people I might never have visited or met. And it has the bonus of making a lot of what I’ve been doing over the last five years look like “relevant experience” rather than “faffing about”.

So, that’s my full-time gig for the foreseeable future. I’ve finished up my journalism MA, though I hope to keep writing intermittently and making use of all that media law. Oh, and as ever, I’m brimful of good intentions to blog more.

As for the rest… musical projects have been multiplying, rabbit-like, in my life over the last year or so. Like rabbits, they’ve been great fun to have around, but there comes a point where they start to nibble away at all the vegetation, and by vegetation I mean time and mental energy. So with a heavy heart I’m having a bit of a cull.

  • Tomorrow is my last hurrah with Chantage, the choir I’ve sung with a bit since last year. We’re singing at the Royal Festival Hall as part of this amazing flamenco version of the Catholic mass written by Paco Peña.
  • On 3 August I’m playing my final Voice Messengers date in Vichy, France: these guys can SWING, and it’s been an enormous privilege to perform with them over the last two and a half years.
  • Then on 8 August I’ll be wearing two hats at Soho’s Spice of Life, performing with my quartet and also bowing out of my beloved Click. Londoners, take note – it should be a great night.

From August fans of Zig Zag Birds will also be able to catch a few new songs and videos on YouTube. We loved dipping our toes into playing live this summer and, though it will probably be a while before our diaries align to let us squeeze in any more gigs, we’re taking this opportunity to get down versions of the unrecorded tunes from our live set.

So. There it is. I’m also reading Moby Dick, which is AWESOME, right?

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