I was tired of being drunk…

…so, as part of the post-Christmas detox, I’ve recorded this cover of Joanna Newsom’s tune Jackrabbits. It seems somehow apt for New Year. Lend an ear, why don’t you.

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5 Responses to I was tired of being drunk…

  1. Is this you singing?

    I keep coming back here daily to listen and read everything. Does anyone else leave comments? I can’t see any, but sometimes my browsers play up and wont show things that are supposed to be there.

    If this is you singing (since you said you recorded it) I love your voice. Please record more songs soon!


  2. Yep, me singing. Plenty more here. And as you correctly observe, not many commenters round these parts. My fault (not your browser’s) for blogging so sporadically on a weird mix of topics that happen to interest me…

  3. Tom D says:

    I’m a Swingle Singers follower since the 60’s. I’m glad to learn that you’re associated with them and hope that you will stay with them for a long time. Looking forward to listening to you perform with them

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