Tom/Thom Waits gets Satisfied

Is Tom Waits the new Thom Yorke? (Or the old Thom Yorke?) Another question-to-which-the-answer-is-no, obviously, but this video for Satisfied, from Waits’s new album Bad As Me, has a distinct Lotus Flower flavour:

Perhaps Tom saw all the publicity Garth Jennings’s Lotus Flower promo generated, and decided Thom was on to a good thing. More likely, he and director Jesse Dylan (son of Bob) realised that a hat + some insane dancing + some moody black & white = just about the cheapest and quickest ingredient list for a cool video.

The fatuous Waits/Radiohead similarities don’t end there, come to think of it. Both The King of Limbs and Bad As Me are concise, punchy, arguably short on first-rate songwriting but long on grooves, and wonderfully produced. And both are best consumed in private, where the urge to boogie like a loon can be succumbed to without fear of reprisal…

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