Year Of The Rabbit (and the mouse)

Happy New Year! Here’s a Spotify playlist I made to celebrate the year of the rabbit (which actually doesn’t begin until Chinese New Year in February, but sue me).

I’m excited about 2011 for many reasons, but one is the BFI’s Disney season. It’s hard to overstate these films’ impact. They hit us when we’re young and affect everything from our expectations of romance to our taste in music. There are plenty of people of my generation who are only vaguely familiar with The Beatles, but sing them a line of A Whole New World or Everybody Wants To Be A Cat and they’ll lurch into an almost involuntary response. The music really is that deeply hard-wired, and fortunately, a lot of it’s very good – but then I would say that. Sometimes I’ll put on a Tom Waits or Lounge Lizards record, or perhaps some early Sinatra with those very period-sounding session singers behind him, and someone will remark that it sounds like Disney music. And I’ll wonder if, on some level, that’s why I like it.

UPDATE 28/1/11: Disney’s releasing a jazz album!

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